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Through years of experience, experimentation and passion for our craft we now offer myriad services to improve, restore and protect your home.



​The perfect color, texture, or decorative finish awaits you



Exterior masterpieces; new construction or repaint

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Wall piece or special piece; oil or stain; we have your solution

Click the link above to find out more about the revolutionary sandblasting technologies that we use.

Color Consulting

We will help you create the perfect color, texture, or decorative finish for that special room or your entire home.

Old World Finishes

Whether it be wax, shellac, urethane, oiling, or stain, we can match different applications with different eras and come up with the perfect finish.

Residential Painting

Interior and exterior - whether it's new construction or a repaint.

Commercial Painting

We speculate in custom exterior and interior finishes.


When a project is completed, we maintain a long-term relationship with the owners to help them maintain their investment or dream.

Faux Decorative Finishes

Whether it be a wall or special piece, we have the knowledge and experience to duplicate or create a specific faux finish.

Wood Finishes

Our range of finishes vary from staining, shellac, lacquer, to wax, yet we also have a broader option of finishes that we can work with.

Environmentally Friendly

We pride ourselves in being a green company and experimenting with many different products that may be suited for your project.

...and much, much more. Contact us for more information!

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