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Protect Your Home & Save Money

UV rays can have a significant impact on painted or stained substrates (walls, decking, siding, fencing etc). When these surfaces are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, several detrimental effects can occur.




   1.    Fading: UV rays can break down the color pigments in paint or stain, causing them to fade over time. This leads to a loss of vibrancy and aesthetic appeal.


 2.    Chalking: UV exposure can cause the surface of the paint or stain to break down into a powdery residue. Chalking can make the surface look dull and old.


 3.    Cracking and Peeling: UV rays can weaken the binder in paint or stain, leading to cracks and peeling. This compromises the protective layer, exposing the underlying substrate to further damage.


4.    Deterioration: UV radiation can degrade the chemical structure of the paint or stain, making it brittle and prone to deterioration. This can leave the substrate vulnerable to environmental elements.


5.    Reduced Lifespan: The combination of fading, chalking, cracking, and peeling due to UV exposure can significantly reduce the lifespan of painted or stained substrates. Premature deterioration may necessitate more frequent repainting or refinishing.

Using UV-resistant paints or stains and applying a protective topcoat can help prolong the lifespan of the painted or stained surfaces. Regular maintenance and reapplication of protective coatings are essential to preserve the appearance and integrity of these substrates, especially when they are exposed to intense sunlight.


By protecting your house with a maintenance coat now you can save thousands further down the line, when more lasting damage can occur. 


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