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We Are Hiring

At Illusions our aim is to continually improve the quality of our team.
Unlike other painting companies
we aren't looking for short-term seasonal workers. 

We are looking to invest in and train
the Illusions leaders of tomorrow. 


Your Future 

We are offering you full-time, long-term
career growth and opportunities.
We prefer you to have some painting experience but the most important qualities that you can possess are passion and a great attitude.
If you have those we are happy to invest time and money to help you
become a master painter. 


Our clients expect the very best standards and that's why we believe that constant education is of paramount importance.
At Illusions we refresh you on the basics and explain why we use every single product 


But as well as the more basic painting techniques we offer our clients hundreds of other specialty finishes. Whether it's epoxy resin, metal skin or patina, we can train you up in myriad techniques to improve your skill set.


Career Growth

And we are also looking for the Illusions leaders of tomorrow. As well as painting, were need project managers, foremen and passionate people who can drive the company forward for many years. Every 3-6 months we review your skillset and performance and ensure that you are being paid what you deserve. So fill out an application today and let's talk about your future!

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